Historic Preservation Commission

Meeting Time:
3rd Monday of the month 2PM at Town Hall (except. Jan. and Feb. will meet 2nd Monday of the month)
In 1987, recognizing the value of our Town’s historic resources, the Town Board of the Town of Rochester formed the Historic Preservation Comuseum.jpgmission for the purpose of establishing a working list of the town’s historic features with the goal of preserving them.  These historic elements, which have been identified, surveyed and documented during the past several years, include stone and brick houses, frame and stucco houses, barns and other support farm structures, schoolhouses, churches, commercials buildings, bridges and cemeteries (over 70!)
Historic Preservation is an important part of the overall plan that guides our community’s improvement and change; it should not be viewed as an impediment to progress.  On the contrary, in identifying the historic resources of the Town, the aim is to protect and enhance the value of said properties, to the benefit of current and future residents.
Effort is now being made to alert property owners, potential buyers, and the public in general to the importance and intrinsic value of the historic properties.  As part of this effort, Friends of Historic Rochester has established The Museum at 12 Main Street in Accord, and sponsors tours of historic places within the Town.
Commission Members
Term Expires
Elaine LaFlamme
Lindsey Rose Arnold
Vice Chairperson
Alice Cross Member 12/20
Frank Dannecker
Wilton Duckworth
Jens Verhaeugh Member 12/20
Alice Schoonmaker
Brian Drabkin
Town Board Liaison

HPC Reports

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