Transfer Station

Transfer Station: 845-626-5273 * Town Clerk: 845-626-7384

Transfer Station Employees:

Harry Worden, David Linscott Jr. (full-time)

Bob Barringer  (part-time)

 Hours of Operation:  OPEN Tuesday, Friday and Saturday- 8am-4pm

 (Scale closes at 3:30)

CLOSED Sun, Mon,Wed, Thurs, & Town Holidays


Permits and Punch cards can be purchased at the Town Clerk’s office using check, cash, money order or credit card. (8am-12pm & 1pm-4pm Monday-Friday) or at the Transfer Station with check / money order only. Checks are payable to “Town of Rochester”. There is a $15.00 service charge for all returned checks.

2019 Transfer Station Fees

The Town Board of the Town of Rochester establishes 2019 Transfer Station Fees, as follows, effective Jan. 1, 2019

Permit Fee
Resident $35 (w/ proof of residency)
Senior 65+ $20
First Responder volunteer $20 (w/ proof of membership)
(KAFAS, Kerhonkson Fire, and Accord Fire)

Household Waste (MSW, Municipal solid waste)
Large bag 30 gallon or greater $4.00 per bag
Small bag less than 30 gallon $2.00 per bag

Residential Bulk Construction and Debris or Household Waste*
Commercial C&D will be accepted until MARCH 31, 2019
$0.12 per lb./ $240 per ton (as weighed by the Transfer Station scale)

* As of April 1, 2019 Commercial C&D will no longer be accepted at the Town of Rochester Transfer Station, due to changes in UCRRA policy and NYSDEC regulations.
Commercial C&D may be disposed of at the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency facilities in the Town of Ulster or New Paltz.

Up to 16” w/o rims $4.00
Up to 16” w/ rims $6.00
Larger than 16” $16.00
(No tires larger than tandem trailer size)
Bigger Tires $6.00 per ply

Appliances – Any with Freon
Air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers $14.00

Florescent Light Bulbs
Compact CFL Lamps $0.50
4’ T-8 or T-12 Lamps $1.00
8’ T-8 or T-12 Lamps $2.00

Items Types Preparation Not acceptable

Aluminum & Tin

Beverage cans, food cans, lids, empty aerosols Rinse and remove labels  Pie tins, pots, pans, foil
Corrugated cardboard Dry, clean cardboard Empty NO Wax –Coated cardboard
Glass: bottles / jars Clear, Brown, Green Rinse remove lids Window glass, mirrors, Pyrex, light bulbs, ceramics or crystal, heat resistant ovenware, drinking glasses

Bottles /Jugs

Must have a neck Rinse, empty, no lids Bags, lids, hangers or plastics
Newspaper Dry, clean Includes inserts  Telephone books, waste mail, magazines
Waste mail, magazines Dry, clean
Scrap metal Appliances, steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, metals  Transformers, chemical containers

Used motor oil





Automotive batteries Wet cell
Unwanted clothing

Donated to salvation army

Clean Must be in bags
Yard waste Leaves, grass, brush,

X-mas trees

No piece over 6’ long or 6’ wide (ROUND)


Please note the Transfer Station is closed for the following Holidays :

New Year’s Day (1st) Martin Luther King Day(18th), Presidents Day (15th), Memorial Day(30th), Fourth of July(4th), Labor Day( 5th), Columbus Day(10th), Election Day(8th), Veteran’s Day(12th), Thanksgiving(24th), the day after Thanksgiving (25th) , Christmas( 25th)

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