Town Volunteers

One of the greatest pleasures of out small-town living is our grass-roots government and organizations. One individual can make a difference. All meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to get involved. Check back to see as other opportunities are posted, or sign up to be notified when help is needed

Click Below for More Information:

Commissions:  “These commissions were established by local law or Town Board resolution.  They usually have room for new members at any time. Check each commission’s listing for current openings.”

Boards:  “These boards were established by local law.  They have a set number of members.  New members are needed periodically.  Check each board’s listing for current openings.”

Committees/Task Forces:  “Committees and task forces are established by the Town Board.  They usually have a specific job to be completed within a certain amount of time, although they may continue for several years.  Check each committee or task force listing for current openings.”

Download a Boards and Commissions application form here (PDF)

Other Community Organizations:
Outside organizations needing volunteers for the good of the community. Please click below for opportunities.

Rochester Food Pantry


If your organization needs volunteers and would like to be posted here, please send us your information.  Be sure to include any special qualifications and a contact name and number.