Animal Control

Jill Shufeldt
Animal Control Officer
P.O. Box 65
50 Scenic Road
Accord, NY 12404
(845) 626-5979
By Appointment
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The Dog Control Officer investigates dog complaints, takes action when necessary, and maintains the Town Pound for stray and lost dogs.  State law requires that all dogs four months of age and older be licensed and wear tags.  Unlicensed dogs can be adopted after seven days if not redeemed and licensed by owner.  Dogs are humanly euthanized only if vicious or chronically ill.  
For Emergencies after 5 PM, weekends or holidays, call the assistant dog control officer, Kevin Hindman 687-7001 (or cell 464-0392).
  All other messages should be left on the answering machine at 626-5957.
Animal Cruelty:  Issues pertaining to Animal Cruelty, including inappropriate shelter, are handled by the local Sheriff’s Office (626-2233) or the State Police (626-2801).  You may contact them directly or leave a message with the Dog Control Officer, who will forward it to the correct authority.  
As of January 1, 2011 NYS has turned over the entire licensing process to the local municipalities. This means when you renew your dog license for 2011 you will receive a new Town dog tag with a new license number and the State tag number will be phased out. In addition NYS has also created an Animal Population Control Fund charging $ 1.00 for spayed and neutered dogs, and
$ 3.00 for unspayed and unneutered dogs.
Please note:  
Spayed/ neutered dog charge is now $ 4.00 per dog
Unspayed/Unneutered dog charge is now $ 14.00 per dog
Please remember to replace your dog’s tag!