ElderCare Program

Town of Rochester Eldercare Program

    The Town of Rochester is pleased to announce the creation of the Elder-care program for our community in concert with our Town’s Constabulary. We believe in a “neighbor helping neighbor” philosophy. If you are in need of assistance during an emergency or have special concerns, we’d like to offer you the ability to join this program. Some of the benefits of joining this completely free program are:

1. In an Emergency Situation, i.e. Natural Disaster, Extended Power Outage, etc. the Constabulary would notify and/or visit program participants to check on their well-being and render assistance, if needed. They would notify them of and provide transportation, if requested, to one of the Town’s Sheltering facilities, where heat, air conditioning, cell phone charging, fresh water and food would be available and distributed.  For individual(s) wishing to remain at their location, a set re-visit schedule would be put in place until the “all-clear” is given by the OEM coordinator or Town designee.

2. Non-Emergency Visits – If desired by program participants, the Constabulary would perform semi-regular visits. Seeing a friendly face and expecting a regular visitor has been shown to be beneficial to an individuals’ quality of life.

If you are interested in joining the program, please either Call: (845) 204-8841 or
E-mail: eldercare@townofrochester.ny.gov