Notice – Planning Board Public Hearing #2 5/13/2024 6:30PM


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that pursuant to Law, the Planning Board of the Town of Rochester, will hold a public hearing for the following matter at its meeting on May 13th, 2024, commencing at 6:30PM at the Harold Lipton Community Center, 15 Tobacco Rd, Accord, NY 12404.
Application # PB 2024-06 Applicant/Owner: Giordani/Bennett Type: Minor SBD Representative: Bill Eggers, Medenbach & Eggers PC Zoning: R-5 Property Location: 1832 Samsonville Rd SBL: 60.1-2-18.111 SEQRA: Undecided Status: Continued Application DESCRIPTION: The applicant proposes a 2-lot subdivision of 56.69 acres where zoning requirements have been met.

Persons that are unable to attend and are wishing to be heard at such public hearings may do so via email to by 3:30pm the day of the meeting.

The public may view the meeting proceedings via YouTube during and after the meeting:
Planning Board meeting agendas will be available online in advance of the meeting at

Any Questions or Concerns please contact,
Jazmyne Wilhelm
Planning and Zoning Board Secretary
845-626-2434 ext.102

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Shawangunk Journal
Kathleen Gundberg, Town Clerk
Town Attorney, via Email
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