Veterans Memorial and Database



Background: The original Town of Rochester (TOR) Honor Roll displaying the World War I & II veterans was removed and stored in a Town garage many years ago. As a Korean veteran and Town Councilman this was disturbing so, in cooperation with the TOR Town Board and Historic Preservation Commission, I initiated action to establish a veteran’s park.  I also intitated action to collect service related data of all of our veterans to archive in the TOR Museum. The Town needs your help to complete this rather large data verification and collection effort. (Instructions below)


The Town Board has allocated Town property behind the Friends of Historic Rochester Museum for use as a veteran’s park. Bill Collier has received donations of several 3 feet by 3 feet granite stones to serve as markers for the various wars which will have bronze plaques identifying the various conflicts.  A TOR resident architect, Nancy Copland, has designed an exciting veteran’s park.


The information requested below, can be entered at the Town Clerk’s office. If you have any service related photos or documents of family members that you are willing to share, please contact me and I will scan them, return the originals to you and build an achieve of  the records, plus a database of all veteran’s names collected. The records will be available for family research.


Thank You!!


Francis Gray




The list contains names copied from the original World War I & II Honor Roll located in front of Bill Anderson’s feed store as well as information submitted by TOR residents.  The list is located in a 3-ring binder in the TOR Town Clerk’s Office.  As you review the records, if incorrect/incomplete please complete and correct.  If missing then add data to blank forms starting at the end of the current listing.  The DD-214 is a veteran’s service record. ( A copy of the list as of September 2007 is available by clicking here ->Vetset92007)

Please remember only residents of the Town of Rochester, who served as a veteran in any conflict or the National Guard, regardless of when they became TOR residents, are eligible to be listed in TOR archives. Please review, update and complete the form adding first names, middle initial or middle name.  Ask family members to share information you may not have.


Note: a star indicates the veteran was killed or missing in action, please also provide this information


The following is a list of principal wars in which the U.S. has participated.


1.      Revolutionary War ……… July 1776 – April 1783
2.      U.S. – Mexican War …… April 1846 – February 1848                
3.      Civil War ………………… April 1861 – April 1865             
4.      Spanish-American War .. April – December 1898
5.      World War I …………..… April 1917 – November 1918
6.      World War II …………..…December 1941 – August 1945
7.      Korean War ………….…. June 1950 – July 1953
8.      Vietnam War ……….….. August 1964 – January 1973
9.      Persian Gulf War ……… January – February 1991            
10.     Afghanistan War …….… October 2001 – Present
11.     Iraq War ……………..…. March 2003 – Present