Notice – Planning Board Public Hearing – 6/10/24 6:30PM


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that pursuant to Law, the Planning Board of the Town of Rochester, will hold a public hearing for the following matter at its meeting on June 10th, 2024, commencing at 6:30PM at the Harold Lipton Community Center, 15 Tobacco Rd, Accord, NY 12404.
Application # PB 2024-10 Applicant/Owner: Ridgeview Realty, LLC / David Braun & Giacomina Faso Type: Minor SBD Representative: Bill Eggers, Medenbach & Eggers PC Zoning: AR-3 Property Location: 5 Ridgeview Rd SBL: 68.1-1-27.700/68.1-1-60 SEQRA: Undecided Status: NEW APPLICATION DESCRIPTION: The applicant proposes to convey +/- 0.3 acres from lot 27.70 and grant it to lot 1-60.
Persons that are unable to attend and are wishing to be heard at such public hearings may do so via email to by 3:30pm the day of the meeting.

The public may view the meeting proceedings via YouTube during and after the meeting:
Planning Board meeting agendas will be available online in advance of the meeting at
If your comments are typed, please submit a copy to the secretary at the meeting.
Any Questions or Concerns please contact,
Jazmyne Wilhelm
Planning and Zoning Board Secretary
845-626-2434 ext.102