Recreation Commission

Meeting Time:
3rd Wednesday of each month 9:30AM at the Community Center.
Board Members
Jessica Knapp
Pamela Stocking
Vice Chair
Stephen Lopez Member 12/23
Manuela Michailescu
Sandy Chipman
Deborah Martin
Adam Paddock
Town Board Liaison
Establishment: Composition of Members

A Commission is hereby established which shall be known and designated as the “Town of Rochester Recreation Commission.” The Commission shall be composed of not less than five members, all residents of the town. At least one half of said Commission shall be at least twenty-one years of age and the remaining members may be at least 14 years of age or older. There will be established a Junior Youth Board, ages 10-18, to provide ongoing information.

Appointment; Terms

The members of the Commission will be appointed by the Town Board of the Town of Rochester for a period of three years. Of the members first appointed, at least two shall be appointed for terms of office of one year each and at least two for terms of office of two years each and at least two for terms of office of three years each. Thereafter, all appointments, except to fill vacancies, shall be for terms of office of three years each. Vacancies occurring otherwise than by expiration of terms of office shall be filled for the unexpired terms of the offices so filled.


Members of the Commission shall serve without pay but shall be eligible to receive documented expenses related upon audit and approval of the Town Board, provided that such expenses are pre-approved.


The Commission shall take all action by majority vote. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Commission shall be appointed by the Town Board annually at its Organizational Meeting. The Commission shall elect a Secretary and will keep accurate records of its meetings and actions.

These monthly minutes will be sent to the Town Board and put on the Town’s website. The Commission shall also appoint one member, at least 21 years of age or older, as a representative to the Ulster Children’s Advocacy Network (UCAN).


  1. The Recreation Commission shall meet monthly to research and study the needs and problems of youth, adults, and seniors in the Town of Rochester, evaluate recreational and social needs and desires of all Rochester residents, develop plans and programs to be run by the Town of Rochester, implement programs in conjunction with the Ulster County Youth Bureau and the Ulster County Office of the Aging, evaluate programs to determine their effectiveness, coordinate the effective and efficient disbursement of aid received by the Town of Rochester and help prepare quarterly and annual reports for submission to the Ulster County Youth Bureau.
  2. The Recreation Commission is to report directly to the Town Board all its findings and recommendations and, in conjunction with the Town Board, request assistance from the various youth and seniors’ agencies in Ulster County and New York State to establish and implement youth, adult, and seniors’ programs.

Adopted February 4, 2021