Wireless Telecommunications Committee


In January the Town Board formed The Town of Rochester Telecommunications Committee and tasked it with studying wireless service issues in the town. Its membership is comprised of elected and appointed town officials, fire and safety volunteers, and residents of the community. The Telecommunications Committee is calling on the residents to assist in the study by helping identify the areas in the town that have inadequate or no wireless services.

To achieve this, the committee has developed a seven-question survey about the availability of wireless service at the household level. All residents are encouraged to complete the survey whether they believe their current wireless service is satisfactory or not and the survey will take just a few minutes to complete. The committee stresses that completing the survey in no way obligates residents to sign up for or change their wireless services. The information will be studied and combined with field tests to produce a map illustrating the areas of Rochester that have inadequate or no wireless service, the first step in the process to improve the availability and quality of wireless service throughout the town.

The survey is available for download on the town website, (Download Survery,Click here) or printed copies may be obtained at the Town of Rochester Town Hall, Town Clerk office, 50 Scenic Drive, Accord. The survey is available in both electronic and paper format. Completed surveys should be returned by March 1 and may be returned either by email or printed and returned by to the Town Clerk office, either by mail or in person.

Wireless Telecommunications Committee

Michael Baden, Chairman
Planning Board
Jennifer Birch
Jason Broome
Sherry Chachkin
Town Board
Jerry Davis
Code Enforcement
Steve Fornal
Fred O’Donnell
Planning Board
Brenda Striano
Code Enforcement
Mary Lou Christiana
Town Attorney