Zoning Review Committee Minutes – 03-04-2016

Zoning Review Committee

March 4, 2016, 2016

Present: Carl Chipman, Mike Baden, Brenda Striano, Becky Paddock Stange, Steve Fornal, Sherry Chachkin

Absent: Beatrice Haugen-Depuy, Jerry Davis

The committee discussed draft zoning provision §140-37, Solar Energy, which regulates small, medium, and large scale solar energy systems. The group agreed to approve a final draft at its next meeting and to forward its recommendation to the Town Board.

The ZRC discussed changes to §140-13, Accessory Structures and Uses, regarding the placement of accessory structures in front of principal structures.

The committee began a review of §140-35, Commercial Events Facilities. The group discussed the zoning districts where the use is allowed as a special use, as well as possible clarification of what constitutes each instance of an “event.”

The ZRC planned to take up the issue of short-term rentals at its next meeting which is scheduled for March 18, 2016, 1 pm at Town Hall.