Youth Commission Minutes – May 2019

May 8, 2019
Youth Commission Meeting
Call to order by Pam Stocking at 9:30AM.
Present: Pam Stocking-Vice Chair, Manuela Michailescu, Debbie Slutsky, Ashley Sweeney-Recreation Director, Rita Harkins-Assistant to the Recreation Director.
Approval of Minutes:
April minutes approved as amended. Pam Stocking made a motion, Manuela Michailescu seconded.
Verbal Directors Report: Ashley Sweeney
Easter Egg Hunt: 54 children participated. The Recreation Department would like to discuss ideas for next year as an alternative to the Golden eggs. Thank you to the Accord Fire Department CO #1 for being part of the event this year. The Blue Stone Press published a couple of Manuela’s pictures from the event.
Earth Day: A total of 3,080 lbs of C&D were collected, along with 127 tires. Students from Rondout Valley Hight School helped with clean up this year. They collected 10 bags of garbage near the school along Kyserike Road. The Recreation Department is thrilled that more and more youth seem to be getting involved every year. Altogether, there were 78 volunteers!
Earth Day Celebration: (April 27, 2019) Not many showed up this year. Approximately 10 people. Town Councilman, Chris Hewitt made pizzas with the pizza oven behind the Harold Lipton Community Center. The Recreation Department believes the low turn out may have been because it was opening day for two local Little League organizations.
River Sweep: Went well. Ashley Sweeney will speak to Kristen Marcell to get a full report.
Mother’s Day Brunch: The Recreation Department was not able to purchase the Sandalwood Fans that we suggested at the last meeting. However, they have come up with a replacement for favors.
Yoga:Recently some of the seniors have expressed a need for another exercise class. Rita reached out to a local “Chair Yoga” instructor. Her name is Eileen Urbanic. She is going to do classes every Thursday at 9:30AM. Pam Stocking reported that the class was very enjoyable. Some seniors had suggestions on what to improve the class and the instructor was very accommodating with their concerns. This class is going to be sponsored by the Town of Rochester Senior Group.
“Back Yard:” Ashley Sweeney has made it her own personal mission to make improvements to the yard behind the Harold Lipton Community Center where the After-School children play. She would like the Youth Commission to brainstorm cost effective ways to improve the yard and the playground. Some ideas; New paint for basketball court, new backboard for hoop (Debbie Slutsky may be able to donate one), fix fencing around yard, a mural, and expand black top area so more games can be played outside. Carole Metsger is already working on flower boxes as per Ashley’s request. If all goes as planned, she will be planting a pumpkin patch and a strawberry patch. Pam stocking spoke about possibly putting a “wish list” in our next newsletter. Ashley will have to speak to the Town Supervisor first.
Summer:Ashley Sweeney reported about the bus for the Summer Program. There is a possibility that the town will be renting a bus from a local company this summer. Manuela Michailescu had a concern about whether the children are required to wear seat belts or not. Ashley Sweeney said she would look further into the regulations.
Memorial Day: Recreation Department will contact Gaydo’s about pulling the wagon again this year. Ashley Sweeney will contact Mike Baden about the time of the ceremony that takes place before the parade.
Driver’s Safety: Save the date-July 20, 2019.
Next meeting: June 26, 2019 at 9:30AM.

Meeting adjourned at 10:53AM.Debbie Slutsky made a motion, Manuela Michailescu seconded.
Submitted by: Ashley Sweeney