Youth Commission Minutes – February 2019

February 20, 2019
Youth Commission Meeting
Call to order: 9:40am
Present: Jessica Knapp-Chair, Pam Stocking-Vice chair, Manuela Michailescu, Debbie Slutsky, Ashley Sweeney-Recreation Director, Rita Harkins-Assistant to the Director, Bethany Dennin-Assistant to the Director.
Approval of Minutes:
January Minutes: Pam Stocking made a motion, Manuela Michailescu seconded, All in favor, Minutes approved
Verbal Directors Report: Ashley Sweeney
After School: Running well. This year’s staff doing a great job thus far. Christine Oquendo is responsible for a lot of the beautiful crafts that you see on display at The Harold Lipton Community Center. We are so grateful for her creativity.
Basketball: Mike Smith stopped in the office recently and spoke about how wonderful the program seems to be going. No complaints have come into the office from parents. Program running smoothly.
Valentine’s Day: Event was held during After school hours with lots of dancing and “Minute to Win It” games, and photos of the event went in the Blue Stone Press February 15th issue (Page 6)
New news:
St. Patty’s-March 15th from 11:30-1:00 Youth Commission members will volunteer. Harold Lipton has been looking into finding the best deal for corned beef and the leanest cuts for us from Shop Rite. Debbie Martin will be playing music with her band.
Easter- April 13th -start time 12 noon, Hiding eggs starting at 9am, Youth Commission will be meeting April 10th to prep goodie bags and eggs.
Summer- April 1st is registration and registration this year MUST BE DONE IN PERSON. Forms and information will be online on March 11th. Residents fee will be $115 and non-residents fee will cost $125.
• Looking into purchasing colored bracelets for summer groups.
• Considering Cheyenne Freer for possible summer counselor. She has grown up with the program. Recreation staff believes she will be a good fit.
• Discussion ensued about how rapidly Summer Program fills up. Manuela suggested having a cap on the amount of weeks you can sign up for. Maybe this would help to include more children.
• Ages for the program discussed. A suggestion was made to maybe have certain weeks just for older children. The Recreation Department staff is interested in exploring this option further. Possibly for 2020 Summer.
• Ashley Sweeney has some concerns about swimming abilities. In the past, Kerhonkson Pool has always tested our children, but Ashley would like to be present for testing or given written assessments to have a better understanding of each child’s abilities. Preferably on a weekly basis. Therefore, grouping for trips can be done accordingly.
Mother’s Day-Potential date May 10th? Ashley Sweeney will ask Lolly Chase about doing a Fashion Show again.

Next meeting March 13th (St. Patrick’s Day preparations-working meeting)
Meeting Adjourned 10:50 AM
Submitted by: Jessica Knapp