Town Board Regular Meeting – March 2019

The March 7, 2019 Regular Town Board Meeting was held at 6:30pm at the Town of Rochester Town Hall.

Councilman Brian Drabkin Councilwoman Cindy Fornino
Councilwoman Bea Haugen-Depuy Councilman Christopher Hewitt
Supervisor Michael Baden Town Clerk Kathleen Gundberg

Attorney Marylou Christiana
Supervisor Baden opened the meeting and led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Working on the property located at the Alligerville Firehouse, Wells property successfully transferred.


Councilwoman Fornino: Youth Commission: the St. Patricks Day Luncheon will be held on 3/15/2019 from 11:30-1pm. Summer Program sign-ups will begin on April 1st.
Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy: Building Dept: zoning permits: $ 240.00, Building permits: $ 2,275.98, Misc. permits: $ 1,555.00 for a total of $ 4,070.98. Courthouse: an inspection of the court records was held on 2/25/19. There was a discrepancy of $ 110.00 that the Judge’s Clerk is working on with the Bank.
Supervisor Baden stated that the report for the review of the Justice records was sent to NYS Court System.
Constabulary: Chief Miller submitted the constabulary call log for the month of February.
In addition to the attached Court Security schedule the Constabulary answered 7 direct calls for service and other duties in February of 2019.
– 3 neighbor to neighbor issues and solutions
– 2 Resident Traffic Complaints ( Whitfield Rd. and Rochester Center. )
– 2 Environmental Complaints ( Van Tine Rd and Queens Hwy. )
– 7 Building Department violations
– 3 requests for eldercare Program Entry ( all approved )
– 6 Court Cases Started ( 5 Town Law, 1 NYS VTL) Traffic Court was cancelled 2/20
– 2 Court Hearings were held in addition to regular Court hours.
– 104 Court Proceedings ( PL,VTH,TL ) are still pending or in process
Year to Date fines/fees( Jan.1-Feb. 28) $ 325.00 with $ 63.00 going to NYS for surcharges.
Councilman Hewitt: ECC: Earth day clean-up will be held on 4/20 & 4/27. 5/4: River sweep and the Rondout Creek Clean-up. Information was provided for a compost company to offer a program at the Transfer Station. The Scenic by-way meeting: discussion on a municipal business flyer collaboration was discussed.
Supervisor Baden: Assessor’s Office: The equalization rate for the 2019 year will be at 100%. The rate for the 2018 year was 93.5% which indicated an average assessed value to be 6.5% below the market value as of July 1, 2018. Without the completion of the reval, the Town would have been 90%. The overall increase in assessed value for the Town was 10%. The assessment on residential properties increased by about 10%. Vacant land and commercial properties increase slightly more. 44% of parcels had a change between 1.05 to 1.15 %. 71% saw a decrease of less than 1.10 % and 32% of the parcels in the Town saw an increase of greater than 1.10 %. A property with a change of less than 10 % should see a decrease in taxes and a property with a change or greater than 10 % may see an increase in taxes.
Transfer Station: on 3/16 the RRA is holding a meeting on recycling, composting and waste reduction. Supervisor Baden provided the Board with a report of transfer station sales, waste received and fees charged by the RRA to work on a cost analysis for the 2019 year.

Town Calendar:
March 11 Planning Board Harold Lipton Community Ctr 7pm
March 14 Environmental Conservation Commission Town Hall 6:30pm
March 15 St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon Harold Lipton Community Ctr 11:30am-1pm
March 18 Historic Preservation Commission Town Hall 2pm
March 19 Ulster County Legislature County Office Bldg., Kingston 7pm
March 20 Trails Committee Town Hall 6pm
March 21 Zoning Board of Appeals Harold Lipton Community Ctr 7pm
March 28 Town Board Audit/Workshop Meeting Town Hall 6pm/7pm
April 1 Summer Youth Program Registration


Supervisor Baden stated the Town Board received a letter of retraction of complaint made to the Town of Rochester Constabulary. Supervisor Baden forwarded the letter to the Town of Rosendale who was included in the complaint.
Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy asked if a copy of this apology can be sent out to all organizations or persons that received the original complaint? “It’s not fair for everyone to receive the complaint and it’s out there but nobody receives notice when that complaint is redacted.” Supervisor Baden stated he will check with Attorney Christiana.
Sales tax check was received in the amount of $ 46,049.69. (this is for the months of October –January)
The agreement with the Fire District has been filed along with their liability insurance.
Notice from Ulster County Legislature: the annual March 1- March 29th application period for landowners to request that their predominately viable agricultural lands be included within a NYS Certified Agricultural District.
Charter Communications: submitted their Franchise fee in the amount of $ 118,368.45 for the period of January 1- December 31, 2018. Supervisor Baden stated he met with Legislator Archer to and representative from cable vision. There was a lot of hesitation to get information from the cablevision with Spectrum possibly being removed from NYS. More information to follow in the future.
Camp Rav Tov: The Rabi of Camp Rav Tov forwarded Supervisor Baden a copy of the permit from DEC for the wastewater treatment system improvements and correspondence from the engineer being used for the widening of the driveway to help with traffic flow.

Public Comment
One resident stated the website needs to be updated with time changes of the meetings.

• Town Electronic Newsletter: should go out early next week
• Credit Card Update: looking into municipal credit cards.
• Transfer Station Building Construction: the Board needs to discuss soon what they are going to do regarding a building for the backhoe.


The Town Clerk received a resignation from Highway Secretary Jennifer McKenzie.

Resolution # 98-2019;

A Motion was made by Councilman Drabkin to accept the minutes of the meetings as amended;
Feb. 7, 2019 Regular Meeting
Feb. 28, 2019 Audit/Workshop Meeting
Second: Councilman Hewitt
Aye: 5 nay: 0 abstain: 0 motion carried

Resolution # 99-2019:
A Motion was made by Councilman Drabkin to appoint the following to the Planning Board of the Town of Rochester for the terms of office to end as noted and requests the Town Clerk to send notice of the requirements of Oath of Office.
Zorian Pinsky with a term to end 12/31/2025
Ann Marie Moloney, Alternate member, term to end 12/31/2020
Second: Councilwoman Fornino
Aye: 5 nay: 0 abstain: 0 motion carried

Resolution # 100-2019:

A Motion was made by Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy that;

Whereas, The Town Board desires to establish a new employment position, Zoning Coordinator;
Whereas, the Town Supervisor and the Town Human Resources Consultant have conferred with the Ulster County Personnel Director as to the establishment of the position of Zoning Coordinator and reached agreement on the position;
Whereas, the position shall be assigned to the Town of Rochester Building Department, under the supervision of the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer;
Whereas the description of duties of the position shall be
• The work involves the coordination of activities of the Building Department and the Building Inspector and includes contact with the public and professionals such as engineers, developers and attorneys.
• Responsibilities also include the performance of clerical and accounting duties, involving the exercise of independent judgement and a working knowledge of specific laws, regulations, procedures and policies.
• Works under indirect supervision of the Building Inspector and supervises assigned subordinate personnel.
• Does related work as required.;
Whereas, the Town Board has set the minimum qualifications for employment as
• Education – Completion of 4 years of High School, no college required
• Experience – Clerical work experience, or equivalent educational training
• Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – Ability to read and understand blueprints and maps, Understanding of NYS building code, Understanding of land use and local zoning codes, Computer skills, Oral and written communications, Ability to work Independently, Ability to locate and review records, Basic bookkeeping, Ability to Interact with the public;
Therefore, the Town Board authorizes the Supervisor to establish the position of Zoning Coordinator with the Ulster County Personnel Department.
Second: Councilman Drabkin
Discussion: Supervisor Baden stated when Brenda Striano passed her position was civil service. Jerry wanted Becky from the Planning Office and a deal was struck with the County. Becky working at her current job title puts her at risk. If anyone from a clerks civil service list wanted to make a fuss they could pursue it and we would have to potentially offer the job to that person. The concern was discussed with Mike Richardson and together worked with the County to create a new job title “ Zoning Coordinator” which will be a competitive job, it’s a one of a kind job right now and they don’t offer competitive test until there is a need for 5 or more so it’s very unlikely a test will be offered, it very unlikely but if a test is created it will be written to the job description which is exactly what Becky does. This change is to more protect Becky’s job.
Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy: This position isn’t permanent? Or does it become permanent upon passing the test.
Supervisor Baden: It is considered provisional pending the creation of a list or test.
Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy: That’s all well and good but for the lady who has worked for the Town for close to 20 years and would like to continue longer, but what happens if she doesn’t score in the top 3.
Supervisor Baden: When the test is offered the municipality can make it a residency requirement for the top 3.
Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy: Can we disallow the top 3 and move until we put Becky up?
Supervisor Baden: Correct! The job description is based around Becky’s day to day job, yes there is some liability here but less than if we were to leave it the way it is.
Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy: She’s a great employee, how does she feel about this?
Supervisor Baden: this was done at her request. She was concerned and I initiated this with Mike Richardson at her request. We don’t want to loose her and this is as close to definite protection we can come up with.
Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy: While she is in provisional status she keeps all of her time, monies and insurance, the price won’t change for her insurance?
Supervisor Baden: nothing changes, the next resolution will be the same rate of pay, hours worked, same insurance. It’s a promotion to a new title.
Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy: as long as everything stays the same other than her title I’m ok with moving forward.

Aye: 5 nay: 0 abstain: 0 motion carried
Resolution # 101-2019:

A Motion was made by Councilman Drabkin that the Town Board promotes Rebecca Paddock-Stange to the position of Zoning Coordinator (Provisional) to be compensated at a rate of pay of $19.64 per hour with a work schedule of 35 hours per week and authorizes the Supervisor to amend the 2019 Wage and Salary Schedule, accordingly. The funding for the position is established currently in the 2019 General Fund budget.
Second: Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy
Aye: 5 nay: 0 abstain: 0 motion carried
Resolution # 102-2019:

A Motion was made by Councilman Drabkin that the Town Board accepts the Town of Rochester Highway Superintendent recommendation and appointment of Thomas L. Crotty as Seasonal Laborer to the Highway Department on an as needed basis with hours and duties as designated by the Highway Superintendent at a rate of $ 24.47 per hour. The Town Board directs the Supervisor to amend the 2019 Wage and Salary Schedule, accordingly. The funding for the position is established currently in the 2019 Highway Fund budget.
Second: Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy
Aye: 5 nay: 0 abstain: 0 motion carried

Resolution # 103-2019:

A Motion was made by Councilwoman Fornino to accept donations of $53.87 from St. Pauly’s Textile, Inc. and directs the Supervisor to deposit the funds in the General Fund account, revenue line AA-4-2705.
Second: Councilman Hewitt
Aye: 5 nay: 0 abstain: 0 motion carried

CATSKILL WATERSHED CORPORATION-Authorizing the Supervisor to Cast the Town Ballot of Ulster County representative:
Resolution # 104-2019:

A Motion was made by Councilwoman Fornino authorizing the Supervisor cast the Town of Rochester ballot for Richard Parete to serve as the Town’s representative to the Board of Directors of the Catskill Watershed Corporation.
Second: Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy
Aye: 5 nay: 0 abstain: 0 motion carried

Resolution # 105-2019:

A Motion was made by Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy authorizing the Highway Superintendent to accept the cancellation of the order for the purchase of a Dodge 2500 Utility/Service Truck in the amount of $34,997.60 from Genesee Valley Dodge Jeep, 1695 Interstate Drive, Avon, NY 14414, as presented, due to vendor inability to provide the vehicle. The purchase price was based on the lowest bidder for NYS Mini-bid Contract #18060058.
Second: Councilwoman Fornino
Aye: 5 nay: 0 abstain: 0 motion carried

Resolution # 106-2019:

A Motion was made by Councilwoman Haugen-Depuy authorizing the Town Clerk to advertise sealed bids for 1 (one) new Dodge 2500 Tradesman, or Ford F-250, or Chevrolet 2500 regular cab 4×4 Truck, as per the specifications provided. Such truck shall have the pickup box removed and replaced with utility body. Such bids shall be for the pricing for a completely equipped vehicle and be delivered to the Town of Rochester Town Highway Department on or before July 1, 2019. Such bids shall be received by the Town Clerk in writing on or before April 1, 2019 at 12 Noon. Bids will be opened at 1:15pm on April 1, 2019. The Town Board retains the ability to reject any and all bids.
Second: Councilman Hewitt
Aye: 5 nay: 0 abstain: 0 motion carried

Resolution # 107-2019:

A Motion was made by Councilman Hewitt authorizing the Town Supervisor to enter into a contract with General Code, 781 Elmgrove Road, Rochester, NY 14624 in the amount of $13,900 for recodification services, as presented. Payment shall be made with 50% (6,950) funded in 2019, and 50% ($6,950) funded in 2020.
Second: Councilman Drabkin
Aye: 5 nay: 0 abstain: 0 motion carried

Tower Point: looking to contract with the Town of Rochester to purchase the rights to the land of the cell tower sites.
Supervisor Baden asked the Board to formulate questions to the contract and he will have Attorney Christiana look the contract over and the Board can decide from there.


A Motion was made by Councilman Drabkin to adjourn the meeting at 8:00pm.

Second: Councilman Hewitt


Kathleen A. Gundberg
Town Clerk