2019 HPC Meeting Minutes – October

Historic Preservation Commission

October 21, 2019


Members Present: Alice Schoonmaker, Alice Cross, Elaine Laflamme, Wilton Duckworth, Franz Dannecker

Other attendees: Town Supervisor Mike Baden (discussing Alligerville Firehouse Project)

Call to Order: Wilton D. called the meeting to order at 2:08 pm.

Minutes: The minutes from the September 16th meeting were reviewed. Alice C. moved to accept the Minutes and Franz D. seconded. Minutes approved.

Agricultural Land Use: Alice S. told the group that she read in one of the newspapers that Wayward Ranch’s application for a waiver has been granted. (Report was erroneous see discussion below). Wilton D. said the term “agriculture” in zoning is losing its meaning. Different types of agricultural land uses were discussed. Agricultural usage is changing in Town of Rochester. Arrowood is another example. Look to Zoning Law for definitions of agricultural use. Meaty topic that as a Commission we could get behind. If we’re going to protect farm land, we should look into protection.

Supervisor Baden joined discussion about Zoning and agricultural land use in particular. The Town is treading lightly in terms of adding new zoning provisions. State laws and local laws are different though state laws have been expanded to include horses in its definition of agricultural use for example. A discussion of special events ensued. The newspaper report of Wayward Ranch approval was erroneous. No approval has been given.

Mike B. was asked whether HPC’s authority extended to agriculture land use. Mike B. will look into it. Elaine L. mentioned that Chapter 22 gave HPC authority to educate public about historical views, buildings, etc. Very broad scope of interest that likely covers historical use of land. Board to wait and see what Mike B. finds.

Application to Designate Accord Historical District: Alice C. raised November 6th meeting at Community Center. Supervisor Baden will not be available but will send a representative. Alice. C. asked about a screen for use in the meeting. There will be one available but newly painted walls may be better. Wilton D. will bring a power cord. Children are using the Center until 5:30 p.m. HPC will need to get in to set up chairs. Wilton D. will pick up the key on Tuesday, November 4th. Alice C. will call the local newspapers to see if they’ll cover the informational meeting on the 6th. She’ll also send Mike B. the contact information for SHPO.

A discussion of the agenda for the informational meeting ensured. SHPO and Neil Larsen will present PowerPoints regarding the process. Someone from HPC (could be Wilton D. or Alice C.) will need to introduce SHPO and Neil Larsen. Refreshments discussed. Franz D. has cups, plates and napkins and will pick up donuts and cider. Alice S. asked about sign-in and name tags. Alice S. will bring in sign-in book.

Discussion of when to serve refreshments, before or after. Refreshments will be served afterwards.

Discussion of steps taken after Alligerville granted Historical District status. There was a celebration and metal marker erected to announce status.

Email from Building Department: Email reported that Building Department had okayed the removal of a timber frame barn at Arrowood and had failed to notify HPC of the request and approval. Email stated that Wilton D. could go over and look at timber framed barn. Wilton D. looked at the barn and saw that it had had a number of changes and modifications to it and he thought it was not particularly significant. He thought that Alice C. and Alice S. may have wanted to see the barn but it had been torn down before he could notify them.

Alice C. reported that this has been an ongoing problem with the Building Department. There is supposed to be a 2- week waiting period between the application and approval but DB often times issues approval on the same day without any notice to HPC.

Discussion of lists ensued. Renewed effort to find electronic version for the Historic Resources Reconnaissance Survey of 2008. Jens V. can give the Planning Board and the Code Enforcement Department copies of the Historic Survey organized by SBL number either in electronic format or hard copy. Wilton D. will contact Jens V. to see what list he has and whether he can provide BD with an electronic copy ordered by SBL number.

Adjourn: Alice S. moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:30 pm. Alice C. seconded.

Next meeting – November 18th at 2:00 pm.