2019 HPC Meeting Minutes – July

Historic Preservation Commission

July 15, 2019


Members Present: Alice Schoonmaker, Alice Cross, Franz Dannecker, Elaine Laflamme, Wilton Duckworth, Jens Verheagh

Members Absent: NA

Other attendees: Supervisor Baden

Call To Order: Alice C. sitting in as Chair pro tem called the meeting to order at 2:10 pm

Minutes: The minutes from the June meeting were reviewed and approved as corrected. Alice S. moved to accept minutes and Franz D. seconded. Minutes approved.

Chair Resignation: Supervisor Baden addressed the HPC about Lindsey Arnold’s resignation as Chair. Wilton D. agreed to move from Vice Chair to Chair. The position of Vice Chair is empty for the moment. Wilton D. asked if he could speak with some of the long-standing members to get a sense of the dynamics within HPC. Alice C. moved to accept the resignation with sadness. Wilton D. seconded the motion to accept resignation.

Update on Planning Board Communication: Alice C. asked if anyone attended the Planning Board meeting on July 8th. Wilton D. will obtain latest information about the status of the Wayward Ranch application.

Application to Designate Accord Historical District: Alice C. discussed obtaining the names and addresses of home owners in the proposed Historic District. Neil Larsen listed property owners’ names and Alice C. researched addresses. Discussion ensued. Jens V. agreed to put the handwritten list into an Xcel spreadsheet in the format provided by SHPO.

Alice C. then recounted her communications with Jennifer Betsworth of Parks about possible dates for the informational meeting. The list of owners was reviewed to determine the best date for a public meeting, whether a weekday or weekend, daytime or night. Jens V. asked about the purpose of the meeting and Alice C replied that it was informational. Wilton D. reviewed the types of questions most likely raised. Alice C. proposed that the informational public meeting be held Wednesday night November 6th at 6:30 pm. Alice S. moved to accept date and time and Franz D. seconded. Approved.

Alice S. suggested we use the newly renovated Community Center as the place for the informational public meeting. Alice C. thought it may not be ready but let’s make it the first choice but let’s also sign up with the Fire Company to ensure we have a location.

Alice C. will communicate date and time to Parks and Neil Larsen.

Alice C. will circulate the materials used by HPC in connection with the informational meeting for the Alligerville Historic District. She described letters and newspaper accounts drafted by Ward Mintz. HPC held one meeting for Alligerville. Discussion ensued about type of notice HPC should send announcing the informational public meeting.

New Members: Alice C. mentioned Bill Collins and Jim Allred. She spoke with Bill and Jim about possible Board memberships and will follow up.

Discussion with CEO: Franz D. was unable to make contact with the code enforcement officer.

Contact with Harry Hansen: Jens H. tried to contact Harry Hansen to obtain a digital list of historic properties but was unable to find a phone number. Alice C. will give Jens V. Harry Hansen’s phone number.

Adjourn: Alice S. moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:24 pm. Alice C. seconded it.

Next meeting – August 19th at 2:00 pm.