2019 HPC Meeting Minutes – August

Historic Preservation Commission

August 19, 2019


Members Present: Alice Schoonmaker, Alice Cross, Elaine Laflamme, Wilton Duckworth, Franz Dannecker

Members Absent: Jens Verheagh

Other attendees: NA

Call To Order: Wilton D. called the meeting to order at 2:10 pm.

Minutes: The minutes from the July 15th meeting were reviewed and approved. Alice S. moved to accept the Minutes and Alice C. seconded. Minutes approved.

Update on Planning Board Meeting on Alligerville Fire House: Wilton D. attended the August 12th Planning Board meeting in which the continued application for the redevelopment (addition to) the Alligerville Fire House was on the agenda. HPC has been following the plans to extend the Fire House because the historic Alligerville Schoolhouse is a part of the Fire House. Sam Dillehay, the architect, provided elevation drawings of the proposed addition and addressed changes to the roof (putting architectural asphalt roof shingles on the building) and the windows. The current plan is to restore the schoolhouse’s cupola and moldings. Wilton D. would like to photograph the existing moldings and take cross sections to preserve information on the historical details. Wilton D. believes the double hung windows which are scheduled to be removed from the schoolhouse should be preserved. The current plan is to replace them with Marvin double hung windows. Wilton D. understands that showers will be built into one of the schoolhouse’s rooms as that part of the Fire House when completed will be used as an emergency shelter. Wilton D. would like the chance to view the interior of the schoolhouse. Alice C. asked if anyone has a contact on the Fire Department able to give Wilton D. access. Wilton D. remarked that the building process is very budget driven hence asphalt roofing materials will be used instead of metal. Wilton D. thinks that a metal roof would help to delineate the schoolhouse from the fire house. The history of proposed changes to the Alligerville Fire House were reviewed.

Parking at the remodeled Fire House was discussed. It was noted that the new fire engine bay will be constructed on space currently used for parking. What will happen to parking? One proposal was to use the Rondout-Esopus Land Conservancy’s parking which is nonexistent.

HPC’s letter was mentioned in Planning Board meeting. Wilton D. identified himself and spoke about the concerns of replacing the historic roof. The architect showed Wilton D. the drawings up close and Wilton D. asked about the cupola. Sam Dillehay said it would be restored but Wilton D. is not sure what that means. Storage space for windows?

Wilton D. proposes to go to site and prepare drawings and asked whether drawings for the structure might be available. Wilton D. will check with Kathleen Gundberg, TOR clerk. Alice C. spoke about the history of one room schoolhouses in TOR (Alligerv ville Schoolhouse is a two room schoolhouse).

Alice C. thinks the schoolhouse’s molding may be similar to the molding in red brick house up the road.

Application to Designate Accord Historical District: Jens V. has put together a digital file of names and addresses of property owners in the proposed historical district (the “Names File”) which file is to be delivered to state. The Names File should be sent to Neil Larsen according to Alice C. The Board expressed an interest in receiving a copy of the Names File. We need to figure out who should send a copy of the Names File to the State. Alice C. will ask Jens V. to circulate the Names File and Alice C. will forward a copy of the Names File to Neil Larsen. Neil L. will then be responsible for sending the Names File to Bill Krattinger who is sitting in for Jennifer Betsworth of Parks while she is out on maternity leave. Alice C. – we will use the Names File to send out invitations to the required public meeting. The State will use the Names File to send out notice about the proposed historical district. HPC needs to get the invitation to the public meeting out as soon as possible once the State mails out its notice. Alice C. – we can have our letters ready to mail as soon as HPC is authorized to do so. Alice C. to take responsibility for getting the letter ready.

A discussion of the form of letter inviting property owners in the proposed historical district ensued. Alice C. proposed a few images to be used in the letter. Alice C. then discussed a copy of the letter used in Alligerville as modified for Accord. Wilton D. proposed taking a picture of Main Street as it appears now as it would have better resolution for purposes of reproduction. Wilton D. proposed asking an artist to take the picture.

Next decision is the text of the letter to be sent. Alice C. discussed the text of the draft letter she had prepared and reviewed the materials provided by Jennifer Betsworth. Alice S. – might want to add a statement that if someone wants more information, they should attend the public meeting. Elaine L. suggested switching the first paragraph with second paragraph of the draft letter. It was suggested that Jens V. had the computer skills necessary to insert an image into the letter. Alice C. to follow up with Jens V.

Discussion about press releases prepared for Alligerville. First line of publicity is letter sent to public. Do we need more publicity such as article in Shawangunk Journal? Review requirements in materials provided by State and follow same. Public hearing tentatively scheduled for November 6, 2019.

To Do: We need to have the text and image for the invitation to the public meeting ready by the next HPC meeting. Alice S. will clear the availability of the Accord Fire House for the November 6th meeting. Alice C. will revise the text of the letter to property owners in the proposed historical district. Wilton D. will follow up on getting a suitable image to be used in the letter.

New Members: How do we grow the Commission and bring in new members? Alice C. will follow up with her contacts. Wilton D. will follow up with his contacts. Several names were proposed. We need to get young people interested in HPC and the history of TOR. Wilton D. proposed skill shares. Alice C. mentioned Heritage Day at Friends of Historic Rochester as a good match for skill shares. It was suggested that members should reach out to potential new board members and ask them to attend the next meeting. Skill shares may be a way to reach out to young people. Wilton D. likes the idea of older folks sharing with younger folks. Members should bring ideas for skill shares to next meeting.

Wilton D. remarked that the proposed letter to owners of historic houses should ask for stories about the historic house. Memories and stories surrounding historic buildings are the soul of the buildings.

Buildings have stories – can we talk with people who live in historic houses to learn the stories about the buildings? Alice C. discussed her current project with the Schneider House. Franz D. mentioned the stories about the Manor House being haunted.

Discussion with CEO: Franz D. spoke with the building inspector. The code enforcement officer said relevant information received by his office would be sent to HPC and that things have been slow this summer.

Contact with Harry Hansen: Jens V. has contact information for Harry Hansen and reached out to Hansen to obtain a digital list of historic properties. Harry Hansen did not have the information in digital form.

Adjourn: Alice S. moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:26 pm. Franz D. seconded it.

Next meeting – September 16th at 2:00 pm.