Notice – COVID-19 Current Info

Memo – March 27, 2020

COVID Website and Phone

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Ulster County COVID-19 Hotline:
Monday – Saturday | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
NYS Coronavirus Information Hotline:

Project Resilience

Please share with anybody in need of meals the Project Resilience program information. The County has organized 3 day a week meal delivery. In 4 days of deliveries, the Town has delivered 250 meals to town residents. Our thanks to the 90+ restaurants who have signed up county-wide to provide these meals. The United Way has provided the funding and there are 13 programs operating throughout the county. Highway Supt. Frey and I are currently delivering the meals Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Project Resilience

Town Office Schedule

All town offices will remain on the schedule of a 50% work reduction until further notice. Employees should continue to follow their department head directed schedules as we have followed thus far, with the following exceptions.

The Town Court offices are closed by NYS Department of Justice Courts directive. No workers should report at this time.

The Highway Dept., on advisement of Cornell Local Roads program, will be modifying to two days on/two days off schedule beginning March 30. Superintendent Frey will be setting that schedule.

The Transfer Station remains open on regularly scheduled days as this is an essential service. We have rotated a reduction of one worker at the facility each day. Those workers are maintaining COVID-19 safety practices for essential workers.


The Town Board, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals will be meeting remotely via video conferencing or teleconferencing with the public able to observe remotely. The information will be provided through the Town Clerk for public viewing information. Councilwoman Enouen and I are resolving the format for those meetings. A test will be run prior to the April 2 Town Board meeting.

Meetings of advisory boards and all recreation department activities continue to be cancelled. Unfortunately, that means cancellation of the April 5 Easter Egg Hunt and Earth Day cleanup. We will attempt to reschedule Earth Day once this virus passes us.

Thank you,

Mike Baden
Town of Rochester Supervisor
845/626-3043 office
845/663-4006 cellular