ZRC – Report – Feb. 23, 2017

February 23, 2017

RE: Report from Zoning Review Committee
TO: Supervisor Chipman and Councilmembers Chachkin, Drabkin, Fornino, and Haugen-DePuy:

The Zoning Review Committee is pleased to issue this 3rd report and recommendation relating to the Chapter 140, Zoning of the Code of the Town of Rochester. The committee has previously referred a subsection of Chapter 140 addressing Solar Power and amendment of Chapter 38 to the Town Board.

The Zoning Review Committee was created by resolution of the Town Board.
The current membership of the committee consists of:
Michael Baden Planning Board Chair
Sherry Chackin Town Board member
Carl Chipman Town Supervisor
Albert “Jerry” Davis Code Enforcement Officer
Shaye Davis Planning and Zoning secretary
Steve Fornal ZBA member
Rebecca Paddock-Stange Code Enforcement office secretary
MaryLou Christiana, advisor Attorney for the Town
The Zoning Review Committee would like to acknowledge Brenda Striano and Bea Haugen-Depuy for their valuable assistance to the Committee during their time of membership.

The Zoning Review Committee has met for 22 2-hour work sessions over a period of 1 year. The Committee worked collaboratively with no one person as Chair of the committee and each member bringing topics of discussion to the table. The committee reviewed Chapter 140, Zoning and offers these suggested amendments to the code based on review of the existing code. These amendments address:
• errors discovered corrected
• clarification/simplification (front yard setback, non-conforming use/structures, multiple uses)
• lessening requirements (Accessory Structures, Cargo Storage Containers, Fences)
• changing hours and zoning districts (Commercial Events Facilities)
• new sections (Short-Term Rentals, Digital Signs)

By unanimous agreement the Zoning Review Committee submits these specific recommendations to the Town Board. A red-lined version of the specific amended subsections of Chapter 140 is provided. Items in black remain as is from the current code. Items in red are new language. Items in red and crossed out are language to be removed. Also provided is a brief spreadsheet synopsis of each subsection of Chapter 140 proposed amendment showing current code and new code in a side-by-side comparison format.

The Zoning Review Committee representatives offer to meet with the Town Board at the Feb. 23, 2017 Audit/Workshop meeting to answer questions and/or explain the reasoning behind any amendments the Town Board may have questions on. It is hoped the Town Board will move these amendments forward by Local Law for adoption. The committee will continue to meet and discuss other areas requiring review.

Thank you
The Zoning Review Committee