Zoning Review Committee Minutes – 06-06-2016

Zoning Review Committee

June 6, 2016

Present: Bea Haugen Depuy, Carl Chipman, Becky Paddock Stange,
Jerry Davis, Brenda Striano, Steve Fornal, Sherry Chachkin

Also present: Mary Lou Christiana

Absent: Mike Baden

The Committee reviewed the current status of a proposed draft regulation for “small scale” or onsite use of solar energy, as well as plans for promulgation of a regulation for “large” or utility scale solar use. Mr. Chipman told the group that the Town Board would now move forward with a large scale proposal and would utilize the work already done by the ZRC.

The group discussed issues relating to the enforcement of the Town’s zoning code.

The Committee decided to postpone further consideration of a first draft for short term rental regulations until its next meeting.

The group discussed regulation of digital signs. It considered a sample municipal ordinance from another state, especially the definition of “animated signs.” and decided to request further such samples for New York jurisdictions from the Association of Towns. .

The ZRC also discussed definitional issues regarding temporary structures, and considered sample definitions for “structure” and “tent.”

The ZRC‘s next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 20 at 1 pm at Town Hall.