Zoning Review Committee Minutes – 02-19-2016

Zoning Review Committee

February 19, 2016

Present: Carl Chipman, Mike Baden, Beatrice Haugen-Depuy, Jerry Davis, Brenda Striano, Becky Paddock Stange, Steve Fornal, Sherry Chachkin

Also Present: MaryLou Christiana, attorney for the Town

The Committee approved the February 12, 2016 ZRC minutes.

The group discussed a proposed revision of § 140-12(A) Yard (Setback) Regulations which would differentiate among State/County, Town, and private road frontage, as well as property accessed by shared driveway or right-of-way. The ZRC decided to locate and consult an official highway map before proceeding further with the proposed revision.

The ZRC determined that it was ready to put proposed regulations for small scale solar installations into final form for consideration at its next meeting. The group looked at various laws from other jurisdictions which regulate large-scale commercial solar farms and energy systems and will consider a proposal for the Town at its next meeting.

The next ZRC meeting is scheduled for February 26, 1 pm at Town Hall.