Zoning Review Committee Minutes – 01-28-2016

Zoning Review Committee

January 29, 2016

Present: Carl Chipman, Mike Baden, Beatrice Haugen-Depuy, Brenda Striano, Becky Paddock Stange, Steve Fornal, Sherry Chachkin

Absent: Jerry Davis

The Committee approved the January 22, 2016 ZRC minutes. ZRC minutes will be posted on the Town website.

The group approved the submission to the Town Board of a proposed amendment to Chapter 38 of the Town Law regarding the seating of the alternate member of the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals at meetings of those boards.

The ZRC agreed that the drafting of a solar use provision would be the group’s first major effort. The Committee looked at solar use laws from several jurisdictions and discussed the relevant issues for its proposal for the Town.

The group also discussed clarifying language for Section 140-12(A) of the zoning code regarding the determination of front yard setbacks.

The Committee agreed that the zoning code’s current definition of “commercial stables” should be changed to match the State Ag and Markets definition for “commercial equestrian operation.”

The ZRC will meet on February 12, 2016 at Town Hall at 1 pm.