Zoning Review Committee Minutes – 01-22-2016

Zoning Review Committee

January 22, 2016



Carl Chipman, Mike Baden, Beatrice Haugen-Depuy, Jerry Davis, Brenda Striano, Becky Paddock Stange, Steve Fornal, Sherry Chachkin


Group agreed there would not be a Chair/Vice Chair.  Carl Chipman will lead the meetings. Sherry Chachkin will report on the ZRC’s activity to the Town Board.  The ZRC will meet Friday afternoons at 1 pm, except on the Friday before the Planning Board meeting, which is usually the second Monday of the month.  Decisions will be made by vote.


The ZRC identified ten topics to be addressed:  (1) Commercial Events Facilities;          (2) Setback Regulations; (3) Short Term Rentals; (4) “Moving” signs; (5) Solar Farms; (6) Article 6, Nonconforming Uses and Structures;  (7) Temporary Structures; (8) zoning and subdivision code treatment of shared driveways; (9) application of the Uniform Building and Fire Code to site plan requirements; and (10) Chapter 38 of the Local Law regarding the seating of alternate members of the Planning Board and ZBA.


ZRC members agreed to take up Commercial Events Facilities, setback requirements, short-term rentals, “moving” signs, and solar farms as the first priorities for review.


The next ZRC meeting was scheduled for Friday, January 29 at 1 pm.