Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code, and Map Task Force

Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code, and Map Task Force
David O’Halloran
Michael Baden
Check town calendar for meeting dates and locations.
(Generally held twice monthly: Mondays at 7 PM)
Task Force Members
David O’Halloran (Chair)
Michael Baden (Vice-Chair)
Imre Beke Jr.
Frank Kortright Jr.
Jeff Davis
Diana Puglisi-Cilenti
Gerry Fornino
Robert Rominger
Alonzo Grace
Martha Tardibuono
Ex-Officio Members
Town Department
Albert “Jerry” Davis
Code Enforcement
Kristen Marcell
Environmental Conservation Commission
Rebecca Paddock Stange
Planning Board & ZBA
Jill Shufeldt
Animal Control
Brenda Striano
Code Enforcement
Shepstone Management Company
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What is the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code, and Map Task Force?

This Task Force was created by the Town Board at the March 2008 town board meeting.
The charge is to review the existing zoning regulations and map and to report back to the town board.
Each town board member nominated 2 residents to serve on the task force.
The ex-officio members are from the town Planning & Zoning, Code Enforcement, Environmental Conservation Commission, and Animal Control offices.
Shepstone Management Company will serve as a professional consultant.


2009 Meetings  (All to be held at 7 PM at Town Hall unless otherwise noted)
January 12 & 26
February 9 & 23
March 9, 16, & 30  (March 2 meeting canceled due to weather)
April 9, 14, 22, & 29 PLEASE note the non-Monday dates
April 9 and 14 meetings are at the Accord Firehouse
May 4, 6, and 11        (May 6 meeting canceled)
May 11 meeting is a presentation to the Town Board at the Accord Firehouse
2008 Meetings
April 28
May 5 & 19
June 9 & 23
July 14 & 28
August 25 (the August 11 meeting has been cancelled)
September 22  (the September 8 meeting has been cancelled)
October 6 & 20
November 17 (rescheduled to November 17 from November 10)
December 1 & 15