2008 Ethics Law Ammendment

Local Law # 2 of the year 2008

A local law amending Chapter 17 of the Code of the Town of Rochester

Chapter 17 of the Code of the Town of Rochester is amended as follows:

§1 §17-8 is amended to read as follows:

A. There shall be a Board of Ethics consisting of five members to be appointed
by a majority of the Town Board, who shall serve without compensation and at the
pleasure of the Town Board. A majority of such members shall be persons other than
officers or employees of the Town of Rochester, except that least one member may
be an elected or appointed officer or employee of the Town of Rochester.

B. Ethics Board members shall reside in the Town and shall not hold an office
in any political organization. Members shall serve for a term of five years.

The three membership positions already existing on the Town Board of Ethics
shall continue, with those positions expiring at the end of the original term of
appointment. At the expiration of those terms, future appointments to those
positions shall be for terms of five years.

Two new members shall be appointed upon enactment of this amendment, one
who shall serve until December 31, 2012 and one shall serve until December 31, 2013.

Consecutive service shall not exceed two full terms. When a vacancy occurs, it
shall be filled within 60 days for the unexpired portion of the term. However,
members shall serve until their successors have been appointed.

§2 Effective Date. This Local Law shall take effect immediately upon filing in
the Office of the Secretary of State in compliance with all applicable provisions of