Youth Commission Minutes – September 2019

September 25, 2019
Youth Commission Meeting
Call to order: Jessica Knapp 9:45AM

Present: Jessica Knapp-Chair, Pam Stocking-Vice Chair, Manuela Michailescu, Debbie Slutsky, Ashley Sweeney-Recreation Director, Rita Harkins & Bethany Dennin-Assistant Recreation Directors.
Approval of Minutes:
Pam Stocking made a motion to approve minutes for May and June. Manuela Michailescu seconded.
*No meetings held in July & August due to construction at The Harold Lipton Community Center*
Verbal Director’s Report: Ashley Sweeney
• Summer Program-Really great this year. Maryanne Gates and Sheila Brown both think that we should base the program out of the Town Park again next year because it worked so well this year. This year we rented a bus for trips which allowed us to go a little further. We had many rainy days this season, but we were able to adjust accordingly. We lost a lot of beach days which meant that we were not able to get the DEC grants that we applied for.
Thank you to Manuela Michailescu for volunteering her time this summer and for taking such beautiful photos that were featured in the Blue Stone Press.
• After-School Program-Due to the ongoing construction on the Harold Lipton Community Center the After-School Program is temporarily being held in the Town Park. A new fee schedule has been implemented; $80 per child, $40 for the months of September and June. The Recreation Department has accepted 40 kids this year.
• Heritage Day-The Pie Contest will only be for children this year. There will be no adult category. The Recreation Department has decided to let the people vote for their favorites again rather than having judges. Hopefully Jessica Knapp will be able to DJ the event and Kate Gundberg will be the MC. We will have the Talent Show again as well. No participants have signed up yet, but we have sent flyers out to the school district in hopes of finding competitors.
• Basketball-Sign up’s are scheduled for Oct. 2nd, 7th & 10th at Kerhonkson Elementary School from 6PM-7:30PM. The clinic will begin on October 28th. Bethany Dennin has volunteered to take flyers to a Rondout Valley Youth Football Game to try and get the word out there.
• Halloween Party-Friday, Oct.25, 2019 at The Harold Lipton Community Center. Ashley Sweeney will ask Kate Gundberg to borrow her Autumn backdrop for the costume parade.
• Thanksgiving-Friday, Nov 22, 2019. This will be a Community Luncheon open to all. It will also double as a food drive. We are asking people to bring non-perishable items with them. Preferably hygiene products. All donations will be given to local food pantries.
• Book Club Idea-Mike Baden had asked the Recreation Department to brainstorm ideas for classes for 2020. A book club was one of the ideas we came up with. We thought Pam Stocking could possibly Chair it. We are entertaining the idea of both an adult class and a children’s class. Discussion ensued about how the Book Club could work. We will discuss further at our next meeting.
Next Meeting will be Oct 23, 2019.
Meeting adjourned: 10:40AM. Debbie Slutsky made a motion. Pam Stocking seconded.
Submitted by: Jessica Knapp