Youth Commission Minutes – October 2019

October 23, 2019
Youth Commission Meeting
Call to Order: Pam Stocking at 9:30AM.
Present: Jessica Knapp-Chair, Pam Stocking-Vice Chair, Debbie Slutsky, Manuela Michailescu, Ashley Sweeney-Recreation Director, Bethany Dennin-Assistant Recreation Director.
Approval of Minutes: As amended. Pam Stocking makes a motion, Seconded by Manuela Michailescu.
*Both the Youth Commission and the Recreation Department put together 100 goody bags for Friday’s Halloween Party at the Harold Lipton Community Center. *
Verbal Director’s Report: Ashley Sweeney
• Heritage Day-The Recreation Department is toying with the idea of eliminating the talent show from this event and moving it to our end of the year celebration. The Pie Contest will remain a part of Heritage Day. We would also like to see more vendors become involved. Pam Stocking suggested of having a hayride. Jessica Knapp suggested having it stop at various locations (Museum, Community Center, etc.…) for different activities. Manuela Michailescu brought up heritage-based ideas…such as quill writing or old-fashioned games. Ashley Sweeney will try to contact Historic Huguenot street to see if they have people who will come out and do this. It was also mentioned that the old cars and trucks that were at the event this year were a great addition to the day.
• Basketball-Sign ups are still happening. We predict a good turnout for the program again this year. Clinic will begin on November 4, 2019. Team placement for the League will begin November 7, 2019. The Recreation Department has reached out to several new businesses for sponsorship. We are pleased that some of them have decided to participate. Kelly Baul will no longer be scorekeeper. We have found a replacement.
• Thanksgiving-Discussion ensued about what Youth Commission members will be making or donating for the event.
Next Meeting: November 20, 2019
Meeting adjourned: 10:45AM
Submitted by: Jessica Knapp