Youth Commission Minutes – March 2019

March 13, 2019
Youth Commission Meeting
Call to Order: 9:40 AM

Present: Jessica Knapp-Chair, Pam Stocking-Vice Chair, Manuela Michailescu, Debbie Slutsky, Ashley Sweeney-Recreation Director, Bethany Dennin-Assistant Recreation Director, Rita Harkins-Assistant Recreation Director.
Approval of Minutes:
February 2019 Minutes-Pam Stocking made a motion to approve, Debbie Slutsky seconded, all in favor, minutes approved.
This meeting will be a working meeting as well as a discussion. Youth Commission members and Recreation staff wrapped silverware for St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Verbal Directors Report: Ashley Sweeney
• St. Patrick’s Day celebration this Friday, March 15th. Already 84 signed up. May have to borrow chairs from Fire Department. The only “Take-Out” allowed will be for people who are not able to leave their homes. Harold Lipton helped secure a deal for us at Shop Rite of Ellenville on the price of corned beef.
• Basketball-Almost over. As of right now, the last day is supposed to be on March 21st (weather permitting.) There will be “Shoot Around” at 5:45PM followed by an All-Star game at 7PM. Awards distributed around 8PM. Ashley Sweeney will try to attend. All Youth Commission members and Recreation staff welcome as well.
• Easter- The Accord Fire Department CO#1 asked if they could participate. They would like to add a “Touch-A-Truck” element to our event. They will also possibly drive the Easter Bunny around town a bit. We want to ask them if they will help hide eggs as well.
• Mother’s Day Luncheon-Lolly Chase cannot do her Fashion Show this year but will resume in 2020. We are going to try to do a “Parade of Hats” in place of the Fashion Show for this year.
• Memorial Day-Jessica Knapp will read poem. She would like to connect with the Fire Department for planning to try to improve event.
• Earth Day-Road clean-up on April 20th and 27th. Pizza Party at Harold Lipton Community Center on the 27th at 2PM.
• Summer-Jessica Knapp spoke of placing a “weekly cap” on how many weeks people can sign up for the program in order to accommodate more families. Discussion ensued of pros and cons. Ashley Sweeney’s biggest concern is working families who need care for the entire summer. Jessica Knapp had the idea of talking to the community this year and get their take on this option. Possibly create a survey.

Ashley Sweeney spoke in regards to Manuela’s suggestion at the last meeting about doing something extra for older kids who have aged out of the program. Maybe we could use the week in between the two 3 week sessions to do a few trips for older kids. Possibly Ulster County Fair this year.

Next meeting-April 10, 2019
Adjourned: 10:46AM Pam Stocking made a motion, Manuela Michailescu seconded, meeting adjourned.