Youth Commission Minutes – June 2019

June 26, 2019
Youth Commission Meeting
Call to order: Pam Stocking 9:40AM.
Present: Jessica Knapp-Chair, Pam Stocking-Vice Chair, Manuela Michailescu, Debbie Slutsky, Ashley Sweeney-Recreation Director
No minutes to approve currently.
Verbal Director’s Report: Ashley Sweeney
Memorial Day: Beautiful day for a parade.
• Pam Stocking and Manuela Michailescu reported that the ceremony at Veteran’s Park was also beautiful and very touching. Troy gave a moving speech.
After-School End of the Year Celebration: Event took place at the Town Park. They played various games and activities. One if the favorites, was the parachute. The busses dropped the children off at the park and the parents picked them up there at 5:30PM. The only obstacle was the wind. It made things a little more difficult than anticipated. Manuela Michailescu came and took pictures of the event.
Memorial Tree: Ashley Sweeney would like to plant a memorial tree in honor of Tim Bruck sometime in the near future. She will keep the Youth Commission posted on this topic. Tim Bruck passed away in May and we would like to recognize his generosity and involvement in the Town of Rochester through the years. He was a former recipient of the “Mary Lee Friend of Youth Award’ and his son received the “Sue Matson Distinguished Youth Award.”
Summer: As you can see, a lot of changes are happening here at the Harold Lipton Community Center. We are currently under construction. The Recreation Department offices are temporarily moved into the new food pantry building. Summer Program will also take place in this building. There will be many changes this year to adapt to but we are just going to make the most of what we have available to us at this time. There are new state regulations regarding vaccinations. Religious exemptions for vaccinations will no longer be accepted in the state of New York. We are dealing with these regulations accordingly.
• Manuela Michailescu asked about colored bands for summer groups again this year. She said there were very helpful last year. Ashley Sweeney will try to come up with something feasible.
• Jessica Knapp suggested that in the future the Recreation Department should look into the “Clearwater” as a trip option.
Due to construction at the Community Center, all classes and meetings have been moved to different locations temporarily.
Meeting adjourned at 10:34AM. Pam Stocking made a motion. Debbie Slutsky seconded.
Submitted by: Jessica Knapp