Youth Commission Minutes – April 2019

April 10, 2019 Youth Commission Meeting
Call to order: 9:36am
Present: Jessica Knapp-Chair, Pam Stocking-Vice Chair, Manuela Michailescu, Debbie Slutsky, Ashley Sweeney-Recreation Director, Bethany Dennin-Assistant to the Recreation Director
Approval of Minutes:
March Minutes: Pam Stocking made a motion, Manuela Michailescu seconded, All in favor. Minutes approved.
Verbal Directors Report: Ashley Sweeney
St. Patrick’s Day- Took place on March 15, 2019. We served around 120- 130 people. Thank you to Harold Lipton finding the best deal for corned beef and the leanest cuts for us from Shop Rite. Many accolades to Kate Gundberg (Town Clerk) for her Rueben sandwiches.
Basketball: Ashley attended “All-star vs. Coaches” game and trophy ceremony. Very pleased with both. Kids played great.
Casino Trip: Went very well. Bethany Chaperoned trip and discussed some suggestions for next time. The Recreation Department should charge for those riding the bus and charge a smaller amount for those following the bus because they do receive comped items at the casino for being part of the group.
Summer: Filled up in an hour and a half. Parents arrived as early as 7:30AM, but Community Center doors opened at 9:00AM to be completely fair. Parents who have been “wait-listed” have been understanding and patient with Recreation Department staff. Ashley feels it is fair to revisit the discussion of capping weeks in hopes of finding a better solution for all to participate.
Mother’s Day: Location has changed. Brunch will now be held at the Accord Firehouse CO#1 due to building construction at the Community Center. Event is on May 10th from 10:30-12 noon. Menu will be a little different considering Recreation staff will be transporting everything. Jessica mentioned “Sandalwood Fans” for the moms this year as a favor.
Earth Day: Reminder Earth Day clean-up will be April 20th and April 27th with a pizza party for volunteers on the 27th.
River Sweep: This is an ECC event. They will be cleaning the Rondout Creek in the Town of Rochester and they are looking for volunteers. The Recreation Department is advertising for them to help spread the word.
Gardening: Carole Metsger will be planting flowers and vegetables with the children in the After-School Program. They will work will the beds that are located behind the Harold Lipton Community Center.
Seniors: Our Ulster County Executive Adele Reiter and her deputy, Ken Crannell came to see Rita’s exercise class on Tuesday April 9, 2019 because word has spread about the wonderful programs that are available for seniors in the Town of Rochester.
Meeting Adjourned 11:30am. Pam Stocking made a motion, Manuela Michailescu seconded.
Next Meeting May 8, 2019 at 9:30AM. Submitted: Jessica Knapp