2019 HPC Meeting Minutes – March

Historic Preservation Commission
March 18, 2019
Members Present: Franz Dannecker, Alice Cross, Alice Schoonmaker, Elaine Laflamme, Jens
Verhaegh, Wilton Duckworth, Lindsey Arnold, Neil Larsen (guest), Jack Schoonmaker (guest)
Members Absent: Town Board Liaison Brian Drabkin
Call to Order: Elaine L. called meeting to order at 2:14pm.
Presentation by Neil Larsen on Status of Application for Accord Hamlet National Historic
This study is a result of the Town’s effort to revitalize Main Street Accord. The application
identifies & classifies 53 properties within the proposed designated Historic District.
Mr. Larsen noted that the Anderson Feed Mill, currently under undetermined renovation, is
greatly historical & artifactual significant element of the town that needs to be recognized. It is
currently “on the edge” structurally.
Mr. Larsen suggested that The Anderson Feed Mill could be perfect for mixed use zoning that
allows shops, studios & residences, in accordance with the goals of revitalizing Main Street
The Application will now go before the quarterly State Review Board. The state will contact &
notify all 53 property owners and any objections to historic designation may be lodged at that
The Historic Preservation Commission will host a public review forum with a NYS History*(?)
Board Representative, as well as expert Neil Larsen.
This public meeting is tentatively scheduled for sometime in the Fall of 2019, after the New York
State Historical Board has approved the application.
Next Steps: The HPC needs to gather the mailing addresses of property owners according to
parcel addresses.
Jens V. inquired about digitizing the 2008 Historical Survey into a spreadsheet format that can
be arranged according to various criteria.
Neil L. suggested looking into the use of the NY statewide database: ‘Cultural Resource
Information System (CRIS)’. This database includes a mobile app that allows the independent
entry of resource information. Specifically for the use of registering historical properties.
He suggested that a digitized version of the 2008 survey would allow for prioritizing properties of
historic interest in Town of Rochester.
He noted the Town of Rochester Farmstead Survey, available for viewing in the Friends of
Historic Rochester museum, (as well as on the Town of Rochester website) which includes
fields, structures, outbuildings, etc. that were not included in the Historical District application.
There are also nearly 80 historic cemeteries in the Town of Rochester which are not connected
to historic designation or survey.
He suggested that an Excel spreadsheet may be downloaded from selected information on the
CRIS, but advised that the HPC having its own spreadsheet system of organization would be
more useful.
Alice C. brought a complete set of ‘Accordians’ and catalog with noted historic property’s
subject/date/section-lot number. This catalog index needs to be updated and digitally archived.
Alice S. would like the Town Clerk to certify the Draft of National Historic Application as official
Town of Rochester historic document. Elaine L. suggested waiting until the final draft is ready to
be adopted.
Alice C. suggested that in response to Jens’ question about digitizing historical survey records,
that the topographic maps used in the 2008 survey can be used to create digital overlays.
The Natural Resource Corridor project of the Towns of Wawarsing and Rochester can also be
Jens V. circulated a list of resources for website updates and will present an update plan at the
next meeting.
The ‘Letter to Homeowners’ needs recommended revisions. Lindsey A. will begin working on a
spreadsheet of property owners’ mailing addresses.
Alice S. moved to adjourn meeting at 3:47pm. Franz D. seconded it.