2019 HPC Meeting Minutes – June

Historic Preservation Commission

June 17, 2019


Members Present: Alice Schoonmaker, Alice Cross, Franz Dannecker, Elaine Laflamme, Wilton Duckworth, Jens Verheagh

Members Absent: Lindsey Arnold

Call To Order: Alice C. sitting in for Lindsey Arnold called the meeting to order at 2:05 pm

Minutes: The minutes from the March 2019 and May 2019 meeting were reviewed and approved as corrected. The April 2019 meeting had been canceled.

Update on Planning Board Communication: Alice C. recounted the miscommunication on the Train Station in downtown Accord was with the Code Enforcement Office. The Code Enforcement Office (COE) is supposed to notify the HPC of proposed changes to historic structures during the waiting period between the date the application is made and the date of issuance. Applications are being approved on the day they are submitted skipping over the waiting period. Franz D. volunteered to speak with the Code Enforcement Officer who has been helpful in the past. Alice C. remarked that the COE should provide information about building permits on a weekly basis as it is time sensitive. Franz D. said he would ask for weekly reports to be sent to Alice C. at her home address. Alice C. will review the information and report to the HPC Board on those permits that impact historic properties.

Alice C. stated that the Planning Board is providing notice of applications that might impact properties listed on the Historic Resources Reconnaissance Survey (the “Survey”) but HPC needs to straighten out the address for receipt of such notices.

Wilton D. asked if there was a way to get information when an historic property is sold? Is there a computer system we can tie into? Alice C. said that the Assessor’s Office does send HPC information about sales in TOR The information is sent to HPC care of Alice Cross at her home address. A discussion ensued about sources of information.

Jens V. agreed to reach out to Harry Hansen to see if a digital list of houses on the Survey is available. HPC can then create a digital list of historic properties identified by SBL number.
Alice C. passed out the application filed by Wayward Ranch to the Planning Board. The Wayward Ranch is close to the Dupuy House which is listed on the Survey and on the National Register of Historic Places. The Planning Board had sent the application to HPC earlier but Alice C. did not receive a copy until May. Alice C. spoke the Brianna Tetro, the Secretary for the Planning Board, and explained that the delay in HPC commenting on the application was due to its not having received notice of the application until just now when Alice C. received a second copy of the application.

Discussion of the application ensued. Wayward Ranch had its first hearing on its proposal to add a kennel and event space. Brianna T. informed Alice C. that Wayward Ranch had dropped its request for event space and ancillary parking has been scaled back from 300 spaces to 30 spaces.

Alice C. drafted a letter which she proposed to send to the Planning Board. Discussion ensued and it was agreed that Wilton D. would revise the letter once he had taken a look at the site.

Website Update: Work in progress.

Letters to Home Owners: Tabled until Lindsey A. is available.

Adjourn: Franz D. moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:36 pm. Jens V. seconded it.

Next meeting – July 15th at 2:00 pn.