2017 HPC Meeting Minutes – October

P.O. Box 65
Accord, NY 12404


Monday, October 16, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.

Members Present: Alice Cross (President), Elaine Laflamme, Alice Schoonmaker, Howard Kagan.
Absent: Carl Chipman (Town Board Liaison), Frank Dannecker.
Others: Neil Larson.

Call to Order – Alice Cross called the meeting to order at 2:10.

Minutes – The minutes from August 14, 2017 were circulated prior to the meeting.

Action – Howard Kagan moved to approve the August Minutes. Alice Schoonmaker seconded the motion. All approved.
Resignation – Ward Mintz, long time HPC member and supporter of historic preservation in the Town of Rochester, tendered his resignation after years of service. Members discussed sending Ward M. a letter of appreciation from the HPC for all Ward had done for the Commission and the Town of Rochester. Alice Cross wrote and sent the note, a copy of which is attached to these minutes.
Finances – Neil Larson provided Alice Cross with an invoice for Phase 2 of the National Register Nomination for Accord. HPC paid the first invoice for Phase 1 from its 2016 funds. N. Larson’s second invoice for Phase 2 was or will be paid from 2017 funds. Phase 3 of the Nomination Project will be paid from the HPC’s 2018 budget. The Town paid or will pay for the Palentown School sign.
National Register Nomination for Accord
Neil Larson provided a map of the proposed historic district previously discussed with a few extensions to include the cemetery and a few more houses along Tow Path. Mr. Larson as part of Phase 2 will flesh out business descriptions and list each property to be included in the historic district. He will continue deed research as there remains a lot that is unknown about the period when the houses in downtown Accord were built. Rich Ryder provided Mr. Larson the genealogy of various property owners. “The place is coming alive” said Mr. Larson, there’s a good story there. He is working on the outline for the history section and has taken photographs.
E. Laflamme offered to explore the Lawrence Hill stone industry.
HPC and Friends of Historic Rochester Public Program
The September 15th program featuring Gretchen Sorin was discussed. The program was a great success with
about 96 persons in attendance.
N. Larson noted that it was a remarkable program and enjoyed the piece about the Wicky Wacky Club on Clove
Valley Road.
Accord Schoolhouse
Alice Schoonmaker reported that the beams of the schoolhouse were shot as well as the foundation. The building
is not in good shape. A. Schoonmaker reported that the building was unsalvageable and will be torn down.
Other Business
The need for new HPC members was discussed. The question of the role and focus of the Town of Rochester
HPC was raised. Education is definitely a component of who we are.
The Town of Marbletown’s CLG was discussed. A. Cross to reach out to Marian McCorkle-Beckerman to discuss
the activities of the Marbletown Preservation.
Next Meeting – Monday, November 20, 2017 at 2:00 p.m., Town Hall
Adjournment – motion made by Alice Schoonmaker, seconded by Howard Kagan and passed by all.
Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Laflamme, Recording Secretary
Attachment to Minutes of HPC meeting of October 16, 2017
Letter to Ward Mintz Oct. 23, 2017 (Handwritten note sent by mail).
October 23, 2017
Dear Ward,
This note brings to you the gratitude of the Historic Preservation Commission for your years of service to the
cause of historic preservation in the Town of Rochester. With your own personal experience and expertise, and
also connecting us with your NYS preservation colleagues, you have provided invaluable education for many
people in our area.
I would ask that you stay in touch with us to the extent of recommending to us personal contacts and potential
programs that can help further our efforts for education and preservation.
With sincere appreciation,
Alice Cross and the rest of the HPC members.