ECC Meeting Minutes – May 2019

ECC Meeting Notes
May 11, 2019, 6:30-8 pm

• Judith Karpova
• Tim Ganon
• Madeline Russo
• Heather Eckhardt
• Kristin Marcell
• Mikala Sherman
• Michael Coleman
• Larry DeWitt
• Supervisor Mike Baden
• John Messerschmidt

• Heather Eckhardt appointed as new member!
• Community Composting resolution was approved for 6-month pilot to start June 6
o Supervisor Mike is going to create a flyer to advertise the composting program and determine whether a transfer station permit is necessary to use the program.
• Mike to send updates to Mikala on the wording of the recycling flyer. Town website we can post
• John sent follow up email to those who participated
• Riversweep collected: 880 lbs of garbage and 15 tires.
• Rail trail cleanup: was 509lbs and 39 tires.
• ECC to consider a second Riversweep on June 29. If so, John to lead.
• Arrowhead Farms will let us use their property for future Riversweep events.
• If we do a cleanup jointly with Wawarsing, make sure their town board approves.
• Next cleanup make a map of key locations for wayfinding during the event.

Trees for Tribs
• May 18th at noon on Sundown Road, 300 trees + music and food
• Promotional outreach underway (web, Facebook, flyers)
• Send Steve Jordan a reminder to come to T4T
Speaker Series
• Speaker series (3rd Thursdays, 6-7pm at Town Hall)
o Recycling
 Angelina Peone, Margot Becker (vice chair of EMC).
 Supervisor Baden to introduce speaker
o Organize to have food at the event
NRI data
• Can read via free QGIS software
• Send out the Natural Heritage Plan to the group again
• Michael and Mikala to look into analysis to guide our work in Rochester and Marbletown