ECC Meeting Minutes – March 2019

ECC Meeting Summary
March14, 2018, 6:30-8 pm

ECC members attending:
• Kristin Marcell
• Judith Karpova
• John Messerschmidt
• Madeline Russo
Introduction to possible new member – Todd Anderson
ECC Outreach
Recycling information
• County will be trying to fund grants to improve waste management.
• DEC has good information: DEC Right to Recycle campaign –
• Consider how to get weekenders involved as trash collection is a challenging issue for them
• Information at transfer station and on website selected as most effective places to start
Speaker series
• Organizing a speaker series (third Thursdays).
o Recycling – UCRRA
o Wetlands – Laura Heady
o Streams – Riverkeeper/Emily Vail
o Permaculture – Andrew Faust
o Pollinators – Catskill Native Nursery
• Will start with a UCRRA speaker to educate us on recycling. Will contact UCRRA in the next week the next week.
• Can advertise in new town community newsletter
• May 4
• Site – Start at Berme Road access and walk to Town Hall
• Update flyer with Riverkeeper registration information –
• Outreach
o Flyer
o Article in Bluestone
o Ads in the Weekly Almanac, Chronogram
o Bring flyers to Rod and Gun Club, Ulster EMC, Wandering Wednesdays
o Send emails to Rochester Resident Assoc (Zali Win), Rochester Democrats (700+ list) and Rochester Republicans
o Reach out to high school key club
o Send ad to Weekly Almanac, Shawangunk journal, Chronogram
o Equipment/materials
 Food donations
• Contact Saunderskill, Kelders
• Any food should be here at Town Hall.
• Need to secure boats
• Need funds for bags
Trees for Tribsplanting
o Partnering with DEC and Rondout Valley Watershed Alliance
o 17 acres, 200+ trees
o Judith meeting with Beth Roessler from DEC on March 27
o Will need a lot of volunteers
o Will need to advertise.
o Logistics – will have a date soon. Possibly early – mid April
o Before after pictures could go on the website, opportunity to cover the process in the Bluestone
Community Composting
• ECC would like to support proposal to town board for pilot program (2 toters/$130 month)
• Cost for ECC to sponsor 5-gallon buckets and/or printed information on them
o $7.00/ 5-gal bucket if we wanted to purchase them and hand them out to residents.
Other Updates
• NE Recycling Council Conference
o Madeline interested in going to recycling conference
• Road Cleanup (April 20, 27)
o Mettacahonts Road site
o Pizza party at noon on the 27th at Community Center