ECC Agenda – May 2018

Town of Rochester Environmental Conservation Commission
Meeting Agenda May 10, 2018

Facilitator: Judith Karpova
Recorder: Wendy Monk

I. Call to Order
II. Business and Logistics
A. Minutes of last meeting approved
B. Decide on Secretary going forward (Chris has a great way of doing that; he uses the agenda. Contact him.)
III. Reports
A. Accomplishments of the ECC since 2011 (see endnotes)
B. Events
C. EMC Report
D. Planning Board Report
E. Omelet
F. Naming streams project
G. Climate Smart Communities report-establish team
IV. Old Business
A. Passing all parts of the Natural Heritage Plan. Planning Board endorsement
B. Implementing the recommendations of the town’s Natural Heritage Plan – Monitor making the recommendations into law/how to do this. Make Stream Naming a top priority. Riverkeeper is very interested in this project
C. Becoming a full conservation advisory board
D. Pursue the Tim Guinee project Community Green Pledge project.
E. Pour more juice into RiverSweep for next year
F. Reestablish a relationship with RVHS and Meg Maisch
G. Continue water testing
V. New Business/this year’s priorities (revisit)
A. Bluestone Press Article
B. Consider proposal for clearcutting law.
C. We have a facebook page. Sarah is now the Admin. Laura Finestone has pictures of many events for the page: (trees for tribs event, wildflower walks on the rail trail, Riversweep, Earthday cleanups, pizza parties.. ). Discuss implementation.
D. We have an ECC email address. Decide who will be managing that and inform Laura Finestone
E. Outreach: one event a year (in addition to Earth Day?) and pizza party. We have been doing something off and on around Earth Day. This keeps us in the public eye and is a great educational opportunity. Maintain our collaborative efforts for Earthday.
F. Threatened tree at the 3-way intersection of Upper Cherrytown, Sundown Road and Trail’s End. The Highway Dept. is discussing cutting it down. Very old maple in apparently good health. Investigate further? Talk to the Highway Department? This tree is part of the neighborhood culture and dear to many people.
G. A copy of the proposed law to add an underused property overlay
VI. Action Item Review
VII. Adjourn