Legal Notice – Public Hearing Proposed Local Law (2)


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Town of Rochester Town Board has scheduled a public hearing

on proposed Local Law 4 of 2019, a local law amending Local Law 2-2014, to make corrections

of errors and omissions to Chapter 140 for 10/3/2019 immediately following the 6:30pm

scheduled public hearing on Local Law 3 of 2019 at the Town of Rochester Town Hall, 50

Scenic Road, Accord, NY 12404 The monthly Town Board meeting will commence at the

conclusion of the public hearing. A copy of such Local Law is available for inspection in the

Town Clerk’s office and posted on the Town website.



Local Law 4 of 2019

Amending Local Law 2 of 2014,
Amendment made to Chapter 140, Zoning, Due to Errors and Omissions

Be it enacted by the Town Board of the Town of Rochester as follows:

As adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Rochester 12-4-2014 by L.L. No. 2-2014, with further amendment 10-14-2-16 by L.L. No. 3-2016 and 6-7-2018 by L.L. No. 3-2018;
Chapter 140, Zoning of the code of the Town of Rochester shall be amended as follows due to errors and omissions discovered during the digitization of the code.

Section 2: Amendment
§140-4, Specific Definitions shall be amended.

The definition for AGRICULTURAL DATA STATEMENT shall be replaced by
A state-required form identifying farm operations within a certified agricultural district located within 500 feet of the boundary of property upon which an action requiring municipal review and approval by the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals or Town Board pursuant to Article 16 of New York State Town Law takes place.

Section 3: Amendment
§140-4, Specific Definitions shall be amended.

The definition for MANUFACTURED HOME PARK shall be replaced by
A parcel of land under single ownership for the commercial renting of two or more manufactured home sites.

Section 4: Amendment
§140-13, Accessory Structures and Uses shall be amended.

§140-13C(1) shall be replaced by
C. Accessory structures not attached to a principal structure shall:
(1) Be located not less than 10 feet from any side or rear lot line or in such a fashion as to not prevent emergency firefighting access or to shade a residential structure on an adjoining lot. Any structure over 200 square feet in floor area shall meet setbacks for principal structures.

Section 5: Amendment
§140-21, Signs shall be amended.

In all cases in the “Signs Allowed Without Permits” category in the accompanying table in §140-21, Temporary Signs shall be replaced by
Temporary signs of 32 square feet, no more than 5 times or 45 days per calendar year aggregate

Section 6: Amendment
§140-23, Recreational vehicles, campgrounds, and RV Parks shall be amended.

§140-23B(9) shall be replaced by
(9) Entrances and exits to campgrounds or RV parks shall be designed for safe and convenient movement of traffic into and out of the park and to minimize marginal friction with free movement of traffic on adjacent streets. All traffic into or out of the park shall be through such entrances and exits, which shall be limited to a maximum of two each except where safety demands and the Planning Board has approved the same. The Planning Board may also require emergency entrances and exits where access in the event of emergencies would be otherwise difficult. No entrance or exit shall require a turn at an acute angle for vehicles moving in the direction intended, and the radii of curbs and pavements at intersections shall be such as to facilitate easy turning movement for vehicles with trailer attached. No intersection of an entrance and/or exit with a state, county or Town highway shall be located where less than 500 feet of sight distance exists in either direction along the state, county or Town highway, nor shall such intersection be located within 150 feet of any other intersection.

Section 6: Amendment
§140-23, Recreational vehicles, campgrounds, and RV Parks shall be amended.

§140-23E(3) shall be replaced by
E. Exceptions. None of the provisions of this chapter shall be applicable to the following:
(3) Camping by the owner or renter on his or her own vacant property for a maximum of 30 consecutive days.

Section 7: Amendment
§140-63, Fees shall be amended

§140-63B(2) shall be replaced by
B. Professional fees, expenses and escrow requirements.
(2) Creation of an escrow account may be required simultaneously with the filing of an application for approval of a development and prior to the commencement of the review of the application. The applicant or developer, as the case may be, shall deposit with the Town Supervisor a sum of money, as determined in Subsection B(1) of this § 140-63, which sum shall be used to pay the costs incurred by the Town for consulting, engineering and legal services as described in this section.

Section 8.
This local law shall take effect immediately upon filing in the office of the Clerk of the Town of Rochester, the secretary of State of New York and the New York State Commissioner of Tax and Finance.