Legal Notice – Public Hearing Planning Board 8/12/2019 7PM

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that pursuant to Town Law, the Planning Board of the Town of Rochester, will hold a public hearing at its meeting on August 12th, 2019 commencing at 7:00PM, at theTown of Rochester Town Hall, located at 50 Scenic Rd. Accord, NY, On the following matters:
PB 2019-08 SPA Amend Existing Approval (PB 2016-01)/Public Hearing
Let Lee c/o Blake Arrowood/Arrowood Farms
Amend Existing Site Plan Approval
Applicant proposes the amendment of existing SUP/SPA 2016-01 with a production facility expansion connecting current facility (brewery) to a larger to-be-constructed 5,000 sq foot production facility on a +/- 48.5 acre parcel located at 236 Lower Whitfield Road, Accord, NY (S/B/L 68.4-4-23.110). Parcel is in the AR-3 and ‘AP Overlay’ zoning districts and located in Ulster County Ag District #3
SEQRA: Unlisted/Uncoordinated

PB 2019-04 SPA Continued Application/Public Hearing
Town of Rochester (applicant), Accord Fire District (owner)
Site Plan Approval
Applicant proposes the redevelopment (addition to) of the Alligerville Fire House, (S/B/L 77.2-2-17). Located at 4 Creek Road, High Falls, NY. Parcel is R-1 zoned and adjacent to Ulster County Ag District #3.
SEQRA: preliminary classification as unlisted action by Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (‘GOSR’) Lead Agency
PB 2019-05 SUP Continued Application/Public Hearing
Applicant: Alan Feinberg , Owner: Mattheos Vrasidas
Special Use Permit
Applicant proposes the conversion of a single family dwelling into a two family dwelling by the addition of a kitchen in the basement of the residence on a +/- 68.6 acre parcel (S/B/L 59.15-1-22.100). Parcel is located at 519 Upper Cherrytown Road, Kerhonkson NY. Parcel is R-5 zoned (rural conservation district).
PB 2019-09 SBD Continued Application/Public Hearing
Jane Huey-Chai Lin (Owner) c/o Howard Chang
Minor Subdivision
Applicant proposes a minor subdivision of a +/- 65.9 acre parcel located at 148 Schwabie Turnpike, Kerhonkson, NY (S/B/L 60.3-1-32.100) from one to three lots. Parcel is in the R-5 and ‘FP Overlay” zoning districts, and contains ACOE & DEC wetlands
SEQRA: Unlisted/Uncoordinated

The above noted applicationsare open for inspection at the offices of the Town Clerk and the Planning Board, Accord, NY.

Persons wishing to appear at such hearing may do so in person or by attorney or other representative.